Welcome to Real Oldies 1250 online streaming audio. The following is an alternate method to listen to our station. Please follow the instructions below before calling our support line.

We have provided you with a backup method to listen to our station. Please use this method if you are having difficulties listening using our weblink on our website. If you would like to report a problem with our online audio stream please call 413-370-4652.

To listen using Winamp please visit the following link below that will start the downloading of Winamp Lite.


Once you have downloaded and installed Winamp, you can click on the following link to listen to our stream live. In the future you can click on the link under our web banner on the Real Oldies 1250 website that says "Click here to play in external player" and your winamp will automaticly open and play our station live.

Click here to listen live

If the winamp player does not launch, try rebooting your computer and try a second time. If you are still unable to listen to our station call us at 413-370-4652. All contact will be via our voicemail system, and call backs may take up to 72 hours and in some rare cases longer.

For general listener support, Radio East Broadcasting, the providers of this audio stream, will provide basic support to assist you with the installation and or support to listen to Real Oldies 1250. Please note the following:

1. If the issue is related to your computer there may be a service charge if the issue goes beyond the simple audio program and or streaming.

2. In some cases we may not be able to provide support if your on a corporate LAN connection, connecting from a wi-fi hotspot, or Internet Air Card.

3. Some internet service providers or coporate Internet connections may be blocking our service to preserve bandwidth resources. Please leave your message after the tone, Thank you for calling Real Oldies 1250.

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